Article 19 of the Luxembourg Constitution guarantees freedom of worship and public practice of religion and freedom to manifest religious beliefs.

In Luxembourg, it is considered that religious communities have a public role. In this context, and as stated in Article 22 of the Constitution, the spheres that require cooperation between Church and State are governed by conventions.

An agreement between the Luxembourgish government and the religious communities signed in January 2015 is going to reform the relationship between the state and these communities. The relationship between the state and the religious communities is going to be adapted to societal reality, a common 'values education'-class is going to be introduced in public education, and the relationship between the municipalities and the religious communities concerning the church properties is going to be reformed.

It appears from several surveys on values in Luxembourg that the country is experiencing, despite its declared moral certainties, a real collapse of the importance attached to religion.

The major religious events of the Grand Duchy include the Oktav, the Echternach Hopping Procession and the pilgrimage to Our Lady of Fatima in Wiltz.

  • Updated 22-03-2018