Multicultural society

In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, today there are more than 170 different nationalities.

  • A population consisting of more than a third of non-Luxembourgers, that proportion exceeding 69% in the capital;
  • a linguistic system based on the simultaneous use of three languages, Luxembourgish, the national language, French and German;
  • a geographical situation which means that Luxembourg is less than half an hour’s drive from France, Belgium or Germany,

such are the characteristics that have allowed the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to become a meeting point, a place to exchange ideas and experiences and a land of dialogue.

In addition to the foreign residents, representing more than 46% of the population in 2016, there are also more than 167,000 German, French and Belgian cross-border employees who commute every day and not to forget, some 10,000 international civil servants working in the European institutions.

It is the Portuguese, accounting for some 37% of foreign nationals, who form the largest foreign community in Luxembourg. In second place there are the French with 14%, then the Italians, Belgians and Germans.

The result is a great mix of nationalities and cultures, which is reflected in all aspects of society, whether in restaurants, the arts, entertainment, sports, etc.

  • Updated 29-03-2016