Far from being considered an outdated institution, the monarchy is a key element for the Luxembourgish state and nation.

For those who discover Luxembourg for the first time, the monarchy is first and foremost symbolised by the head of state and his family. With a reign marked by continuity, Grand Duke Henri combines tradition and modernity.

For Luxembourgers however, the grand ducal family is much more than this. It serves as guarantee for stability, one can even say as the state's cornerstone above the hum daily politics. It is also the symbol of the country's unity and its independence. The resistance movement which organised itself around Grand Duchess Charlotte during the Second World War is an outstanding example.

For foreign investors, the Luxembourg monarchy is an identifiable and competent partner, giving birth to lasting relationships. Indeed, this stability gives Luxembourg an undeniable attractiveness for foreign investors.

Finally, the grand ducal family is also an attraction which is not to be missed, for tourists and the local population alike, particularly on the eve and the day of National Day on 23 June.

  • Updated 07-05-2015