Media institutions and bodies

The media in the Grand Duchy operate within a legal framework which guarantees freedom of the press.

The Law of 8 June 2004 on freedom of expression in the media provides protection for sources of information and for privacy; it regulates relations between journalists and their publishers, and lays down the rules for the right of reply.


The Press Council (Conseil de presse) was created in 1979 to recognise and protect the professional title of 'journalist'.

The Press Council is a joint body whose members are journalists and publishers. Its tasks include:

  • the issue and withdrawal of journalists' credentials;
  • the self-regulation of the media sector, by the elaboration of a code of ethics;
  • investigation of issues concerning freedom of expression in the media, at the government's request;
  • continuous training for journalists, etc.

A complaints committee is responsible for dealing with complaints received from the public on news reports in the written press or in the audiovisual media.

There are four associations of journalists and publishers in the Grand Duchy:

  • the Luxembourg Association of Professional Journalists (Association luxembourgeoise des journalistes professionnels, ALJ; since 2017)
  • the Luxembourg Association of Newspaper Publishers (Association luxembourgeoise des éditeurs de journaux, ALEJ);
  • the Luxembourg French-language Press Association (Association luxembourgeoise de la presse de langue française, ALPLF);

The National Library (Bibilothèque nationale, BnL) operates a system of statutory deposit which ensures the systematic archiving of all press items published in the Grand Duchy.


The Media and Communications Service (Service des médias et des communications), under the supervision of the Ministry of State, covers issues of policy on the media and on telecommunications. The department also edits the media and communications portal.

With the opening up of the audiovisual media sector in 1991, the following bodies were created to ensure supervision of the sector:

The National Audiovisual Centre (Centre national de l'audiovisuel, CNA), archives films, videos and sound broadcast by the Luxembourg television channel RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg, under an agreement between the Ministry of Culture and RTL.

  • Updated 21-03-2018