The Grand Duchy can boast an extensive, diverse media scene. Alongside a national press, with the main dailies being the main platforms for opinion, there is also an impressive number of foreign newspapers, audiovisual media and new media.

With its polyglot population, the use of the three languages habitually spoken in the country - Luxembourgish, German and French — is one of the most striking features of the press in the Grand Duchy.

In the audiovisual sector, it was only in the early 1990s that the monopoly — in place since the introduction of radio in the 1920s — was broken by the liberalisation of the airwaves.

In the written press — at least until the appearance of newspapers and magazines exclusively in French in the early 2000s — it has been usual to find articles in German and others in French side-by-side on the same page.

Luxembourg has never known the phenomena of dynastic media groups or of media controlled by industrial capital. Four media groups lead the market: RTL Group in the audiovisual sector, and Saint-Paul Luxembourg, Editpress Luxembourg and Maison Moderne for the written press.

  • Updated 28-04-2015