Luxembourgers and the European Union

What importance does Luxembourg's population attach to its membership of the European Union?

The European Commission's Eurobarometer survey reveals that Luxembourgers consistently rank among the most convinced Europeans. Luxembourgers consider quite normal their country's membership of the European Union, which is part of everyday life.

While some residents fear a loss of identity due to the Europeanisation and the high percentage of foreigners, no-one claims a renationalisation of the country. To prevent renationalisation is actually the motto of Luxembourg politicians of all colours. In their eyes, Europe is synonymous with peace and they do not consider a future without Europe.

On 10 July 2005, Luxembourgers voted overwhelmingly in favour of the draft Constitution for Europe in a national referendum, with 56.52% of votes in favour and 43.48% against. Luxembourg was thus the 13th country to approve the constitutional treaty.

  • Updated 21-03-2018