The use of languages in Luxembourg

In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Luxembourgish is the national language. French is the language of legislation. French, German and Luxembourgish have the status of administrative and judicial languages.

French, German and Luxembourgish are spoken everywhere to varying extents and function as languages for working, writing and communicating, both formally and informally.

The languages spoken at work, at school and/or at home was the subject of a study published by STATEC in 2013, following the 2011 population census. The study showed that 70.5% of the population use Luxembourgish at work, at school and/or at home, 55.7% use French, and 30.6% German. On average, 2.2 languages are used. At the same census, 55.8% - a large majority of the country's inhabitants - gave Luxembourgish as their 'principal language'. Portuguese and French followed in second and third positions (15.7% and 12.1% respectively). 'his was reported in a study published by STATEC in 2013 entitled 'The native language — the one a person knows best'.

The State, schools, the media, culture, working life, and the church are areas where it is interesting to analyse language practices in the Grand Duchy.

  • Updated 28-04-2015