Multilingualism in the Grand Duchy and its advantages

No Luxembourger speaks just one language in the course of the day! Alternating languages is an art in which Luxembourgers excel, taking an idea from one language and an expression from another at will. A communication method in its own right!

The recognition of three languages in the Grand Duchy — Luxembourgish, German and French — and their daily use give Luxembourgers many advantages.

In politics, mastery of two if not three major European languages - German, French and English - has allowed the Grand Duchy to take real action in favour of the construction of Europe, and even to become a progressive, unifying factor.

At university, multilingualism enables Luxembourgish students to continue their university studies in any French-, German- or English-speaking country. English is in fact taught intensively at secondary school, in addition to other languages, including Latin, Spanish and Italian.

This linguistic situation makes it easier for non-Luxembourgish residents to adapt to everyday life in the Grand Duchy, as it is also possible to communicate in French or German.

Multilingualism thus represents both openness towards the outside and the desire to make those from outside feel welcome in the Grand Duchy.

  • Updated 28-04-2015