Institutions promoting Luxembourgish

These are the main public institutions which work to promote Luxembourgish, whether by teaching, research, or documentation.

University of Luxembourg

The University of Luxembourg includes Luxembourgish studies among its research priorities. These studies cover consideration of not only Luxembourgish language and literature but also identity, history, migration, regional planning, geography and politics in the Grand Duchy.

The University of Luxembourg has had a chair in Luxembourgish linguistics and literature since January 2009. Master's degrees are offered in Luxembourgish language and literature.

As part of its offer of lifelong learning, the University of Luxembourg also offers a course in Luxembourgish language and culture to train teachers for Luxembourgish language classes for adults.

National Languages Institute (INL)

The National Languages Institute (Institut National des Langues, INL) is a public establishment offering courses in languages. The languages taught include Luxembourgish. The INL serves as the national certification centre for diplomas and certificates in Luxembourgish.

  • 'Diplom Lëtzebuergesch als Friemsprooch' (diploma Luxembourgish as a foreign language)
  • Passing the 'Sprochentest Lëtzebuergesch' (Luxembourgish language test) is a requirement for applicants for Luxembourgish nationality

The INL also offers a course for teachers of Luxembourgish, leading to the 'Zertifikat Lëtzebuerger Sprooch a Kultur' (certificate of Luxembourgish language and culture).

Permanent Council for the Luxembourgish Language (CPLL)

The Permanent Council for the Luxembourgish Language (Conseil Permanent de la Langue Luxembourgeoise, CPLL), founded in 1998, comprises eleven language experts and representatives of institutions related to Luxembourgish, including:

  • Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth
  • the University of Luxembourg;
  • the National Languages Institute.

Its mission includes the study, description and promotion of Luxembourgish. It also issues opinions on any subject connected with Luxembourgish.

The CPLL has two working parties:

  • The Orthography Group deals with updating and drafting coordinated texts on the orthographic rules of Luxembourgish.
  • The Grammar Group has a similar mission with regard to the grammar of Luxembourgish.

The association 'Moien – Eng Bréck fir eis Sprooch'

Founded in 2005, the association 'Moien – Eng Bréck fir eis Sprooch' aims to make Luxembourgish a bridge rather than a barrier for people living and working in the Grand Duchy. To achieve this, the association offers courses in Luxembourgish (language, spelling, grammar). The purpose of the association is:

  • to stimulate the use of Luxembourgish;
  • to create a platform for discussion on Luxembourgish;
  • to make the Grand Duchy's culture and lifestyle more accessible.

Grand Ducal Institute

The department for linguistic, ethnological and onomastic studies at the Grand Ducal Institute (Institut grand-ducal) carries out linguistic studies in general and studies on Luxembourgish in particular. It is also responsible for publishing and updating the 'Lëtzebuerger Dictionnaire' (dictionary of Luxembourgish).

National Literature Centre (CNL)

The National Centre for Literature (Centre National de Littérature, CNL) is a centre for documentary research into Luxembourgish, and a real focus for socio-cultural activities involving books and reading. The CNL's mission is to prevent the dispersal and loss of examples of Luxembourgish literature (Luxemburgensia) and to allow its scientific exploitation.

Luxembourg National Library (BnL)

The Luxembourg National Library (Bibliothèque nationale de Luxembourg, BnL) is the guardian of the country's printed heritage; it maintains a collection of all the publications printed and published in the Grand Duchy. It also purchases publications relating to Luxembourg or written by Luxembourgers but published abroad. Its Luxemburgensia section includes a collection of 150,000 books in Luxembourgish.

  • Updated 21-03-2018