Despite its small size – 2,586 km2 and home to 576,000 inhabitants – the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a sovereign state with a rich history. Nestled between France, Belgium and Germany in the heart of Europe, it has been involved in the great European developments.

The turbulent past of the Grand Duchy is a true mirror of European history. During the Middle Ages, its princes wore the crown of the Holy Roman Empire. In Early Modern Times, its fortress was a major bone of contention in the battle between the great powers.

Before achieving independence in the 19th century, Luxembourg belonged successively to the Counts and Dukes of Luxembourg, the Dukes of Burgundy, the Kings of Spain, the Kings of France, the Emperors of Austria and Kings of the Netherlands. During the 20th century, this wealthy and dynamic country acted as a catalyst in the unification of Europe.

  • Updated 29-03-2016