'Produit du terroir'

True, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is rather small. But it nevertheless possesses a great variety of local products. Be it 'Nëssdrëpp' (schnapps made of nuts) distilled in Vianden, wines and sparkling wines produced in the Moselle valley, tea from the Upper Sûre Nature Park or oils produced in the valley of the Our: every region has its specialties.

They all have one common feature: to offer high-quality products, which are authentic in their taste and which demonstrate the pride of preserving Luxembourg's natural heritage.

Many locally produced goods are very traditional, while others have only recently joined the rich variety of Luxembourgish products.

From the tender beef to the traditionally cooked cream cheese (Kachkéis), from the wines and sparkling wines to the numerous brands of beers and liquors: the local products are highly diverse.

In order to promote and preserve this exceptional quality, a great number of labels and brands have been created. These labels and brands do not merely serve the purpose of protection, but they also guarantee a high-quality standard of the products. This also includes the promotion of organic agriculture and production, which has been introduced as a response to a growing ecological conscience.

Come and taste the local delicacies!

  • Updated 28-04-2015