Liichtmëssdag (2 February)

Sweets allowed!

Children go 'liichten'
On 2 February, the eve of St. Blaise’s day, children celebrate 'Liichtmëssdag' (Candlemas). The feast of St Blaise has nothing to do with Carnival, despite being celebrated around the same time of the year. On 2 February, children will celebrate the light by going 'liichten'. Carrying plain 'Liichtebengelcher' or more elaborate lanterns, they scurry from one house to another in groups of varying sizes and beg to St Blaise’s tune: 'Léiwer Herrgottsblieschen, gëff äis Speck an Ierbessen...'.

As the song suggests, in bygone days begging involved bacon, peas, Candlemas pancakes and other edible goodies. However, his tradition, like many others, has evolved over time. While children these days eagerly accept handouts of sweets, which some have been known to be particularly fond of away from the watchful eye of their parents, they often prefer donations of round and shiny kind (not to mention the rectangular, paper kind).

(Source: BRAUN, Josy. 'Traditions and festivals' in: Lëtzebuerg. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Information and Press Service. 2007.)

  • Updated 28-04-2015