The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has two tourist blockbusters in Edward Steichen's photographic collections — 'The Family of Man' in Clervaux, and 'The Bitter Years' in Dudelange.

The legendary 'The Family of Man' collection, listed on UNESCO's Memory of the World Register, and 'The Bitter Years, 1935-1941' by the Luxembourg-born American photographer turn the Grand Duchy into 'Steichenland' — the country with a fabulous concentration of works by the famous photographer on display to the public.

Two places come to mind immediately as soon as photography is mentioned: Dudelange in the southern part of the Grand Duchy, and Clervaux in the Luxembourg Ardennes.

Dudelange because the former iron and steel centre is home to the National Audiovisual Centre (Centre national de l'audiovisuel, CNA), which plays a front-line role in the field of photography. The CNA, housed in an old water tower, is home to the famous collection called 'The Bitter Years', while the adjacent Pomhouse presents exhibitions of photographs by various contemporary photographers.

And Clervaux because the castle there is home to the legendary 'The Family of Man' collection. It has also achieved a higher profile in the field of photography as a result of the 'Clervaux — cité de l'image' project.

  • Updated 28-04-2015