Popular music

It is estimated that, over the past ten years, the Grand Duchy has seen the birth of about 500 bands and artists – from pop, rock, jazz, blues and folk to hip-hop, hardcore, electro and other offshoots of amplified music.

These bands often rehearse in the family cellar and take to the stage more or less regularly, either in the back room of a bar, as the opening act for an international band, or at one of the many festivals.

Following three decades of pioneering work by individuals and associations on the fringe of 'official' culture, the State finally acknowledged the keen public interest in 'popular' music, and began to devote increasing importance to it in its cultural policy.

With the creation of music:LX, the office for the promotion of music in the Grand Duchy, musicians active in the country now have a partner to accompany them, and much easier access to major international festivals.

  • Updated 28-04-2015