Literary institutions

Various public and private institutions devote themselves to nurturing and promoting the literature of the Grand Duchy. A list of the most important ones includes:

National Archives

The National Archives (Archives nationales) store the archives of the Grand Duchy's ministries and public administrations, as well as those of notaries and the courts. Their purpose is to preserve the country's historic heritage. In addition to public archives, the National Archives also contain a large number of private collections.

Public, school, specialised and university libraries

The National Union of Public Libraries (Union luxembourgeoise des bibliothèques publiques, ULBP) publishes a guide to public libraries in the Grand Duchy, which presents the main local and municipal libraries.

The website of the Luxembourgish Librarians', Archivists' and Documentalists' Association (Association luxembourgeoise des bibliothécaires, archivistes et documentalistes, ALBAD) includes a full list of all the public, school and specialised libraries in the Grand Duchy.

Luxembourg National Library (BNL)

The Luxembourg National Library (Bibliothèque nationale de Luxembourg, BNL) is the guardian of the country's printed heritage; it maintains a collection of all the publications printed and published in the Grand Duchy. It also purchases publications relating to Luxembourg or written by Luxembourgers but published abroad. The Luxembourgensia section of the BNL encompasses some 150,000 works.

National Literature Centre (CNL)

The National Literature Centre (Centre national de littérature, CNL), founded in 1955 in Mersch, is both a scientific institution and a documentation centre. Its archives, catalogues, exhibition and lecture rooms, and library are all open to the public. The CNL also publishes many exhibition catalogues and an annual bibliography of Luxembourg literature. The CNL has also become well known for its new editions of classic works. The CNL constantly adds to the services it offers the general public; in 2011, it put the Encyclopaedia of Luxembourg's authors online.

The Grand Ducal Institute

The Grand Ducal Institute (Institut grand-ducal), founded in 1868, has a section for linguistics, ethnology and onomastics, which publishes anthologies covering the various literary genres.

Joy of Reading initiative – ('Freed um Liesen')

There are also a number of private organisations, including the 'Freed um Liesen' initiative, devoted to the promotion of Luxembourg literature and reading. Each year since 1999, on the occasion of World Book Day, 'Freed um Liesen' has been producing a themed collection of writings by authors from the Grand Duchy.

  • Updated 21-03-2018