The Grand Duchy has certainly found its place in the global audiovisual production, judging by the many awards received at major international festivals by Luxembourgish film-makers, and other evidence of its considerable evolution.

Every year the country (co-)produces about fifteen feature films, plus a number of documentaries and short films. The professionalisation of the Grand Duchy's cinema sector began in the 1990s. Luxembourg now has a number of filming sites (Studios Luxembourg in Contern, Filmland in Kehlen), a film academy (D'Filmakadémie), and a cinema award (Lëtzebuerger Filmpräis).

What is more, Luxembourgers are cinema enthusiasts, and going to see a film is one of their favourite pastimes. To meet this demand, there are many cinemas throughout the country. Cinema enthusiasts will find both, small traditional cinema theatres and large multi-screen complexes.

Almost all films in Luxembourg are screened in their original language, with subtitles. Very few films are dubbed, apart from films for children.

All the cinema theatres in the Grand Duchy screen films in digital format.

  • Updated 30-07-2018