10 good reasons for choosing Luxembourg

What are the advantages of Luxembourg which may induce potential organisers of MICE events (meetings, incentives, conferences, events) to choose Luxembourg? Here are ten good reasons for choosing Luxembourg.

Short distances

The Grand Duchy is one of the few European countries on a small, more human scale. This has the great advantage that all hotels and all tourism and business infrastructures are quickly and easily accessible, which is a tremendous asset in the organisation of MICE events.

In short: in Luxembourg there is no wasted time caused by long journeys!

Nearby and easy to reach

Strategically located in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg is an easily reachable destination for many European visitors, easily accessible from all sides. Connected to the rest of Europe thanks to an excellent network of motorways, an international airport and good rail connections (including the high-speed TGV from Paris and Strasbourg), the Grand Duchy is close to its European neighbours.

High-quality infrastructures

Whether in Luxembourg City or in other parts of the country, the Grand Duchy offers modern, well-equipped conference and training facilities that leave nothing to be desired. Facilities equipped with the most modern communication technologies and often totally adaptable make it possible to organise high-quality conferences, seminars, exhibitions and other events.


The Grand Duchy's political stability and the safety of both people and property are significant advantages. Mercer's annual quality of living survey places Luxembourg City among the safest capitals in the world — one less worry for business events organisers.

A European capital

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is an active and dynamic founding member of the European Union. Today, Luxembourg is not only an economic player of international renown but also the seat of several European institutions, making it a 'European capital'. The country benefits from this European aspect of its history, both in terms of infrastructure as in terms of know-how, and it is the same for business events organisers.


Luxembourg boasts a huge diversity at all levels. This applies to the carefully maintained natural landscapes and to the countless reminders of its exceptional and varied past: historic castles, fortifications, museums, exhibition halls and galleries are witness to our country's rich cultural heritage. A number have even been listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Sustainable development

Protecting its natural sites, developing its urban centres harmoniously, preserving the quality of everyday life: the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a staunch adherent to the principles of sustainable development, never losing sight of the well-being of future generations.

Fascinating nature

From the vineyards of the Moselle valley to the rocky landscapes of the Ardennes, the legendary 'Red Earth' in the southern part of the country — witness to a rich industrial past — to the Mullerthal, the Grand Duchy's 'Little Switzerland', and the beautiful capital city, with its fantastic fortifications: the country offers extraordinary natural surroundings and countless exceptional landscapes.

Regional produce

Wine and sparkling wine from the Moselle valley, beer, honey, meat, butter and other gourmet delights — Luxembourg's produce is famous throughout Europe, and the various quality labels ensure that 'made in Luxembourg' produce is of a high quality. The number of excellent restaurants, from the traditional rustic inn to the starred gourmet palace, points to the importance bestowed on the quality of gastronomy in the Grand Duchy.

Multicultural and multilingual

The Grand Duchy is currently home to people from more than 170 countries. Over time, these different cultures have strongly influenced the country, as has its geographical position halfway between the Latin and Germanic cultures. These influences have found their way into the Grand Duchy's culture, art, cuisine and sports. Indeed, most Luxembourgers speak at least three languages, which is a clear advantage over other countries.

(Source: Department of Tourism)

  • Updated 26-09-2016