Today, philantropists are often world citizens whose action extends to several countries. Since 2008, Luxembourg has been openly displaying its determination to develop philanthropy and patronage in the Grand Duchy. The government has updated the legal framework and has supported the development of competences in this domain by creating the Luxembourg Foundation (Fondation de Luxembourg).

An updated philantropic framework

Three measures favouring philantropy have been implemented since 2008:

  1. the creation of the Luxembourg Foundation;
  2. a thorough fiscal reform that made Luxembourg one of the most attractive European countries for taxation of donations;
  3. a legislation aimed at simplifying authorisation procedures.

The evolving legal framework is at the basis of the government's efforts to diversify the financial centre and to continue developing it into a centre of excellency for private banking with an international dimension.

Today, philantropists are often world citizens whose action extends to several countries. The neutrality and political stability of Luxembourg, its situation at the heart of Europe and, above all, its high concentration of international legal, fiscal and financial experts are facts that should incite the world's donors to establish their foundation in the Grand Duchy.

The Luxembourg Foundation

The Luxembourg Foundation is the partner of choice of Luxembourg in the field of philanthropy. Founded by the Luxembourg state and the Œuvre nationale de secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, it is an independent centre for expertise on philantropy. Recognised as being of public utility, its mission is to promote private philanthropy.

The Luxembourg Foundation is a bridge between the world of finance and the world of donors, culture and associations. As a true partner of both worlds, it plays an intermediary role between banks, law firms and notaries, which are in direct contact with a very international clientele, and the organisations and projects to support, in Luxembourg and abroad.

By providing information and advice and by developing specific tools and structures, the Luxembourg Foundation seeks to encourage, support and guide donors (both individuals and companies) who wish to make a long-term commitment to the development of significant philanthropic projects.

  • Updated 30-07-2018