Automotive components sector

A motor of innvovation

Luxembourg has become a key location for first and second tier suppliers to the automotive industry. At the crossroads between Belgium, France and Germany, Luxembourg is an attractive location for component suppliers with a multi-customer base to deliver their products fast and reliably.

The Grand Duchy offers 'just-in-time' access to the major European car manufacturers and assembly plants. Car manufacturers in Belgium, France and Germany, as well as assembly lines in the Netherlands and in the United Kingdom can be supplied from Luxembourg on a same day delivery basis.

It is not a coincidence that global players such as Accumalux, Delphi, ELTH, Fanuc Robotics, Goodyear, Guardian Automotive, Hyosung, IEE, Raval Europe and Sam Hwa Steel, to name but a few, have chosen Luxembourg as their primary manufacturing or R&D base.

In Luxembourg, the automotive components sector employs approximately 9,000 employees in about thirty companies. Almost one fifth of their actitivity is dedicated to research and development.

Luxembourg Automotive Components Cluster

The Luxembourg Automotive Components Cluster is a network giving support to different key players in the sector of automotive components in the Grand Duchy by helping them to develop synergies and new national and international partnerships through RDI projects.

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  • Updated 22-01-2018