A top-ranking technological environment

The technological environment, characterised by the presence of state-of-the-art communications infrastructures and excellent connectivity with the major European Internet hubs, is a key factor in the excellent positioning of the Grand Duchy in the digital economy.

In recent years, public and private stakeholders have invested massively in infrastructures and connectivity. The Grand Duchy boasts as many as 23 different information highways linking the country to the key European hubs for the digital economy.

Broadband networks

The responsive attitude of Luxembourg's government played an important part in the installation of these 'stars' of the ICT sector.

As it realised, for example, that the private sector was unable to keep pace with demand in terms of availability of technological infrastructures (data centres, international fibre optic connections, etc.), the Government launched the LuxConnect initiative in 2009; this is an ultra high speed network between the Grand Duchy and the primary Internet access centres in other countries. LuxConnect allows at any time an increase in capacity or the correction of any occasional connectivity deficiencies.

LuxConnect has made an important contribution, with the Teralink network of the company Post Luxembourg, to developing the connectivity of the country and to ensuring that local stakeholders have all the bandwidth they need to meet the demands of their clients.

High performing data centres

The Grand Duchy has one of the best pools of host centres in Europe, with excellent connectivity both nationally and internationally with all the major host centres and Internet hubs.

The Grand Duchy supports the extension of host centres in terms of both number and area. By extending its state-of-the-art networks of telecommunications and data centres, the Grand Duchy has become a centre of excellence for all data management and content activities.

Internet exchange point

Lu-Cix is the Grand Duchy's commercial Internet exchange point. The aim of Lu-Cix is to develop the Internet in the Grand Duchy and to put the country on the map of European information highways and Internet hubs.

In 2011, the two national entities that manage Internet exchange nodes, Lu-Cix and Lix, merged in order to strengthen the power and stability of the networks and optimise the speed of communications. The creation of a single entity is a further advantage in strengthening the international position of the Grand Duchy in the digital economy.

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  • Updated 28-04-2015