Good arguments in favour of the Grand Duchy

  • A pro-active Government keen to listen to the ICT sector;
  • A central position in Europe;
  • Multiple very high-speed direct connections to the main European hubs;
  • Extremely low latency periods with London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, etc.;
  • Presence of the 'stars' of the ICT sector
  • Great diversity of very high level data centres;
  • Low cost of electricity;
  • Security and stability.

Among the top ten in international rankings

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) noted in 2014 that the Grand Duchy stood in 10th place in the list of the most advanced ICT economies (out of 166 countries), and was one of the countries with the lowest prices for ICT services. What is more, the Grand Duchy stands in first place worldwide for access to the new technologies. See the place the Grand Duchy occupies in other international rankings here.

Skills in the field of services

Lastly, the skills the Grand Duchy has acquired over many decades in the services sector add to its power of attraction in this field. The Grand Duchy is the OECD country with the highest proportion of IT specialists in the overall active population.

The Grand Duchy is a very high level conference organiser

To develop skills and promote exchanges involving the new technologies, very high level international conferences are frequently held in the Grand Duchy, including the Eurocloud European congresses, the ICT Spring conferences, IT One, the Future Internet Summit, etc.

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  • Updated 12-03-2018