Key players in the field of economic promotion

Since 2008, the Luxembourg government has been running two separate promotion agencies, set up as economic interest groupings (EIG): Luxembourg for Business and Innovation and Luxembourg for Finance. Other key players in the field of economic promotion are the Luxembourg Trade and Investment Offices (LTIOs), the National Credit and Investment Institution (SNCI), the Luxembourg Export Credit Agency and the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.

Luxembourg Trade & Invest

Luxembourg Trade & Invest is the promotion agency of the Luxembourg economy. Founded in 2016 by multiple private and public stakeholders, Luxembourg Trade & Invest supports innovation and investments in Luxembourg and also takes care of economic development, in order to:

  • heighten the visibility of the brand of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg abroad;
  • support the export of goods and services of Luxembourg origin;
  • advance the internationalisation of Luxembourg companies;
  • establish Luxembourg as a platform for international trade.

Luxembourg for Finance

Jointly created by the state and key private players in the financial sector in 2008, the mission of Luxembourg for Finance, the agency for the development of the financial sector, is to make the financial sector better known to professional actors, potential investors and the media abroad.

The agency regularly organises finance seminars in the major financial centres around the world. Luxembourg for Finance regularly publishes technical brochures and other documentation on products and services of the Luxembourg financial centre, and is very active in online communication.

National Credit and Investment Institution

The National Credit and Investment Institution (Société nationale de crédit et d'investissement, SNCI) is a public-law banking establishment specialised in the medium and long term financing of Luxembourg based companies. SNCI's financing instruments are investments in fixed assets, innovations and exports. It may also finance investments of Luxembourg companies abroad.

Luxembourg Export Credit Agency

The Luxembourg Export Credit Agency (Office du Ducroire) supports Luxembourg companies in relation to foreign trade. It is a one stop shop for exporters in the field of credit insurance for exports and financial assistance. It also gives professional advice to export-willing companies.

Chamber of Commerce

The Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce offers many services to Luxembourg companies and potential investors.

  • Its international department accompanies Luxembourg companies in foreign markets by organising trade missions, cooperation fairs, visits to international trade fairs and Business Opportunity Days.
  • In order to help Luxembourg companies enter foreign markets, the Chamber of Commerce organises Business Opportunity Days on a regular basis, gives information about business opportunities and helps companies sell their products or services abroad.
  • The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and the Luxembourg Chamber of Trades aims at informing and assisting Luxembourg companies in the European integration process. It also informs them on EU activities and programmes specially developed for them.
  • The Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce also assists companies wishing to settle in Luxembourg. It provides potential investors with a number of publications on the economic and social environment of Luxembourg.

Luxembourg Trade and Investment Offices

The Luxembourg Trade and Investment Offices (LTIOs) are in charge of promoting foreign trade and in prospecting new investors. They assist potential investors in their assessment of investment opportunities in Luxembourg. They also offer their assistance during the process of establishing a company, with funding, and with any questions relating to recruitment.

The Luxembourg Trade and Investment Offices in the world:

  • Updated 22-01-2018