Statec (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) annually publishes a new version of the directory of Luxembourg companies, presenting the situation on 1 January of the current year.

The directory of Luxembourg companies informs about the economic activities of some 29,000 companies.

The publication takes the form of two volumes:

The first volume is a systematic directory. It ranks companies according to their main activity using NACELUX (statistical classification of economic activities in the European Community). Apart from the code and labels of the nomenclature, it provides the names and addresses of companies.

The second volume is the alphabetical directory. Companies are listed in alphabetical order and information is given about the company's main activity, its name, the locality and possible secondary activities.

In June or July, Statec also publishes a list of top employers in Luxembourg based on the number of employees on 1 January of the current year:

  1. list of the main employers by size;
  2. list of the main employers by sector.
  • Updated 30-07-2018