9 reasons for investing in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Making the right choices in creating activities and investing your wealth can be a tedious task. Not only do you need an economic environment that is conducive to your activity; you also need a specialised workforce, good connectivity with international markets, top-quality infrastructures, and a legal framework that rewards your activities. To make choosing easier for you, here then are nine reasons to convince you that the Grand Duchy is the right place for you to launch your activities.

Your gateway to Europe

The Grand Duchy is located in the heart of Europe, in a single market of more than 500 million consumers that guarantees the free movement of goods, services and people. Connected to the rest of Europe by an excellent motorway network, an international airport and good rail connections, it will be easy for you to reach other European countries from your headquarters in Luxembourg.

A pro-business environment

Did you know that the Grand Duchy is one of the most productive and competitive countries in the world? The Grand Duchy's economy has the advantage of a business-oriented legal, regulatory and fiscal framework that features a high degree of adaptability to economic change and a predictable fiscal environment that is particularly favourable for investment.

Great political and social stability

Triple A - the unanimous verdict of the credit rating agencies before, during and after the global economic crisis that shook the planet. Political stability and economic predictability go hand-in-hand in the Grand Duchy. And its small size works in its favour: the country features great flexibility and responsiveness on the part of its public administrations, with shortened administrative procedures and easily-made contacts with all the parties concerned.

Attractive working environment

What makes a working environment attractive? The Grand Duchy has a number of advantages: social dialogue that ensures outstanding social stability, an optimised salary policy for both companies and their employees, and an environment in which a young, international workforce is able to achieve its potential.

A highly skilled and multilingual international workforce

Residents from more than 170 countries live together in the Grand Duchy. In a country that places so much importance on multilingualism as the Grand Duchy, this is not a barrier - quite the opposite, in fact. The ease with which speakers of different languages are able to communicate in the Grand Duchy has attracted more and more talent over the decades, concentrating in Luxembourg a highly qualified workforce from all over the world.

High-quality infrastructures and connectivity

Transfer of goods or transfer of data - the Grand Duchy excels in both. The country has state-of-the-art logistics infrastructures for transport by road, river and air. A number of Government initiatives actively support the development of this sector of the economy. The same goes for communication infrastructures: the Grand Duchy is currently completing its very high-speed Internet network, and is one of the most digitalised countries in the world.

Incentives for investment and research and development

Develop your company and launch your research, development and innovation activities in the Grand Duchy! Not only will you have the advantage of a fiscal framework that rewards these activities by applying the lowest VAT rate in Europe; you will also have the advantage of a highly specialised workforce and a number of bodies able to support you with their skills.

An inclusive, multicultural country

170 countries in such a small space - that leaves its mark on society. Here you will find an open, international society, accustomed to intercultural and international exchanges, where the different communities live not just side-by-side but together. As a result, the Grand Duchy has earned for itself a reputation as one of the most inclusive economies in the world.

A warm welcome and a high level of quality of life

Health, safety, education, mobility: the Grand Duchy is a country where your workforce will fit in easily. With its large green spaces, its rural character and its intact environment, the Grand Duchy has everything your employees could want.

(Source: www.tradeandinvest.lu)

  • Updated 23-11-2017