Language teaching

The official languages of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg are Luxembourgish, French and German.

The language of communication of Luxembourgers is Luxembourgish, the national language. The main language of communication among Luxembourgers and foreign-language speakers is French.

Essential trilingualism

For the Grand Duchy this trilingualism is essential because of both, the intense exchanges with its neighbouring countries and the geographical situation of the country, at the meeting point of the two major German- and French-speaking areas.

Language teaching occupies a central place in the Luxembourg education system. French and German are compulsory throughout a child's school career. English is added at secondary school.

Integrated lessons for immigrant children

Integrated lessons, established in 1983, are mother-tongue lessons giving immigrant pupils an opportunity to develop their mother tongue and keep in contact with the culture of their country of origin. The lessons are integrated in the ordinary school timetable, involving two lessons of natural sciences, history and geography per week. In the Grand Duchy, integrated lessons are offered in Portuguese mother tongue.

Integrated lessons are included in the school timetable; subjects included in the official syllabus (natural sciences, history and geography) are taught in Portuguese for two lessons each week. In addition to integrated lessons, there are also Portuguese language lessons, called 'parallel classes', which are organised outside the school timetable.

  • Updated 21-03-2018