Lifelong learning

To keep up to date professionally, it is important to attend additional training courses regularly, acquire new skills, and successfully complete vocational training. On this page you will find information on the choice of courses available, the key players in lifelong learning, and training support measures.

Vocational training

Vocational training covers a wide range of training courses focusing on employment situations. Vocational training is for both young people and adults; its aim is to enable people to obtain a certified qualification.

It also enables all adults, whether they are in employment or job-seekers, to update and expand their vocational skills.

In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, there are three areas of vocational training:

Choice of courses, the lifelong learning portal is the lifelong learning portal. This website provides a single entry-point to a wide range of resources and services related to lifelong vocational training. You will be able to find training courses to suit your needs, information on training support measures, etc. It is intended for use by members of the public, companies, and trainers.

The key players in lifelong vocational training


The Institute for Lifelong Vocational Training (Institut de formation professionnelle continue, INFPC), a public establishment, is the main player in this field in Luxembourg. It runs and manages the portal at It is also responsible for processing applications for co-financing from companies requesting financial aid from the state for lifelong vocational training. The INFPC also fulfils a monitoring mission, through its training observatory. For more information:

Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Center (LLLC)

The Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Center (LLLC) is the continuous vocational training centre of the Chamber of Employees. LLLC offers short general training courses, specialised courses, university programmes and vocational certifications. For more information:

Luxembourg School for Commerce (LSC)

The Luxembourg School for Commerce (LSC) is the training institution of the Chamber of Commerce. It offers initial vocational training, lifelong vocational training, and university-level training. For more information:

House of Training

The House of Training is more than just close cooperation between the respective training organisations of the Chamber of Commerce and the ABBL — LSC and IFBL — it is a true "House of training of employers. " For more information, visit

International University Institute of Luxembourg (IUIL)

The International University Institute of Luxembourg (Institut universitaire international Luxembourg, IUIL) serves as the interface between economic and academic circles. It offers lifelong vocational training courses related to the creation and development of businesses, law and European themes, and public service management. The IUIL has been commissioned by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research to develop university-level lifelong learning courses in collaboration with the University of Luxembourg and/or foreign universities. For more information:

Luxembourg School of Business (LSB)

The Luxembourg School of Business (LSB) was created in 2014 and offers continuing education to business leaders from domestic and international companies. The "Executive Education" program encompasses courses in the following topics: leadership, finance, negotiation, marketing and operations.  For more information:

Training aid measures for individuals

Financial aid and assistance is available to help individuals complete their lifelong learning projects. These include special types of paid leave (individual training leave, language training leave, etc.), arrangements concerning working hours (unpaid leave to attend a training course, etc.) and other aids, such as European grants.

  • Updated 21-03-2018