Student life

What to expect when studying in Luxembourg
Vie estudiantine

Situated in the heart of Europe and the Greater Region, in between the pleasures of life, the culture and the high-end infrastructures, your student life in Luxembourg will be a unique and memorable experience!

Transportation and connectivity

When it comes to mobility for students, you could hardly find better: All public transports in Luxembourg are free for all students enrolled in the Grand-Duchy, no matter the type of transportation. The bus and train network covers the entirety of the country and special services are provided at night or for big events. Furthermore, the new tram line facilitates mobility between the city and Kirchberg.

Beyond the borders, international connexions are also well developed. As Luxembourg is situated at the center of Europe and the Greater Region, the neighbour countries are easily and rapidly reachable by train, bus or car, often under half an hour. For destinations that are further away, strategic airports like Luxembourg airport, Frankfurt, Frankfurt-Hahn, Charleroi, Lorraine airport or Saarbrucken airport are only a stone's throw away.

Culture and nightlife

The nightlife and weekend activities are of course an important part of student life. And in Luxembourg, there is a offer for every taste!

  • Our theatres, concert halls and cultural centers feature richly packed programs that are affordable for every culture enthusiast. Boredom is an unknown word during summer holidays, as there is an abundance of festivals and open air concerts all throughout the country.
  • For party weekends or after-uni evenings, a range of cafes, bars, terraces and clubs are spread across Luxembourg-city's main nightlife areas, being the Alstad(old town), the Grund, Clausen and Hollerich.
  • Esch-sur-Alzette, the city where the Belval campus is situated, is also becoming a very popular and cosmopolite area. In the center, a variety of bars can be found, the 'Kulturfabrik' is hosting concerts and plays of all kinds and the 'Rockhal', the biggest concert venue in the country, regularly welcomes international superstars.

Living costs

All these aspects seem amazing, but what are the costs of studying in Luxembourg you ask? It is difficult to give a precise estimation of the average living costs as a student, as they can vary drastically according to personal needs, taste and situations. However, you can find an approximate estimation of average costs per person per month below, gathered from information available on the

Enrolment at the University of Luxembourg

70 € / month for semesters 1 and 2

35 € / month for semesters 3 to 6

Housing in university accommodation

380 € / month (600 € for private accommodation)

Meal in university refectory

150 - 200€

Phone bill

20 - 30 €

Internet (private housing)

60 €


130 - 200 €

Nightlife, restaurants, culture

200 - 250€


40 - 60 €

Hygiene and health

20 - 30 €

School supplies (books, copies...)

20 €

Hobbies, miscellaneous, shopping...

100 - 150 €


Depending on your lifestyle and additional consumption needs, you should plan a budget of 800 – 1.500 euros per month. You can find information on financial help and other financing possibilities here.

  • Updated 09-11-2018