Financial aid

How to finance your studies

In Luxembourg, like everywhere else, studying has its price: Enrollment fees, accommodation costs, expenses of study material... But don't worry: There is a variety of financial aid that can help you finance your academic journey.

Financial aid by the state

The Luxembourgish state, through the Cedies ('Centre de documentation et d'information sur les études supérieures'), grants financial aid to resident and non-resident students who fulfill the conditions for obtaining it. The aid is a package consisting of different bursaries (basic bursary, mobility bursary, social and family bursaries, inscription fee relief), to which a student loan can be added to optionally. Depending on the individual situation, on the available revenue and the financial help provided by the parents, the accorded financial aid varies from individual to individual.

Financial aid for research

There are several tools which aim to support researchers. The AFR individual programme run by the national research fund (FNR) is aimed at researchers seeking a doctoratein the Grand Duchy, as well as to Luxembourg residents seeking to pursue a doctorate abroad. Other institutions offer mobility bursaries to researchers who want to come to Luxembourg.

Other bursaries

There are several private institutions offering awards or financial aid to students according to either their specialisation or according to results obtained.

Furthermore, students residing in certain municipalities can be granted awards by local authorities according to their performances.

The Erasmus programme, funded by the European Union, allows students enrolled at the University of Luxembourg to study at another European university for up to 12 months. In that case, students may be granted financial aid by their host country, as well as the aid received from Luxembourg, but of course subject to the rules and regulations for obtaining the financial aid in the respective countries.

  • Updated 12-11-2018