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Festivals and traditions

Léiffrawëschdag (Assumption)

A folk tradition in the Grand-Duchy

Also known as "Léiffrakrautdag" or "Krautwëschdag", "Léiffrawëschdag" is a type of harvest festival, with origins going back to before the Christian era. Today, the festivities take place on Assumption Day. This year marks the 35th anniversary of the Léiffrawëschdag in Greiveldange.



Virtual tourism - a 3D carriage ride in the Grand Duchy

Virtual reality now makes it possible to step back 150 years into the Grand Duchy's past

How about some time travel and a unique sensory experience? Immerse yourself in the Pfaffenthal of the year 1867 using augmented and virtual reality. These new technological applications enable you to sample virtual tourism and find out about the Grand Duchy's cultural heritage. Travel through time with our second selection of activities involving virtual tourism.


Research and innovation

European Innovation Scoreboard: the Grand Duchy's research system excels

According to the European Commission's European Innovation Scoreboard 2019, the Grand Duchy is among the 'strong innovators'.

The Grand Duchy's efforts in terms of research and innovation are bearing fruit. On the 2019 European Innovation Scoreboard, which assesses the performance of countries in the field of innovation using 27 indicators, the Grand Duchy came 5th, with a score of 0.623 out of 1.



Virtual-reality tourism - a new way to experience museums

The Grand Duchy's museums are turning towards digital technology, offering 3D experiences and virtual visits of their collections

Would you like to know all about a museum's collections so that you can prepare your visit in advance? Maybe you aren't able to visit the Grand Duchy this year, but you'd like to dip into its history from a distance? In the Grand Duchy, new technological applications allow you to try virtual tourism in order to gain an understanding of the country's cultural heritage. Here's a first round-up of activities that will turn you into a professional virtual tourist: the museums.



A blockchain for the public sector

Grand Duchy aims to be Europe's pioneer in the blockchain world

The blockchain, a technique for storing and transmitting information, has enormous potential, not only in the financial sector, but also for services in the public sector. Early in 2019, the Luxembourg Government, in collaboration with the Syndicat intercommunal de gestion information (SIGI), created its own blockchain for the public sector, thereby expressing its determination to play a pioneering role in the field.



2019 Global Resilience Index – Luxembourg makes a global 7th place

The ‘Global Resilience Index’ is designed to help business leaders assess a country’s risks and resilience.

FM Global, one of the biggest mutual insurance companies, has released their 2019 Global Resilience Index. This index ranks 130 countries and territories by the resilience of their business environments, based on economic factors, risk quality and supply chains. Once again, Luxembourg’s steady economic growth has been rewarded, this year with a 7th place on the Global Resilience Index.



5G: a new dimension of connectivity

The Grand Duchy advances on its path of digital transformation

The 5th generation of mobile network technology (5G) is in full development in the world and Luxembourg is preparing for its arrival. To this end, in 2018 the country adopted a national 5G strategy which already imagines the fields of application of this advanced technology. Artificial intelligence, interconnected objects, driving - 5G has been developed in order to satisfy the increased connectivity needs of our digital society. Imagine the opportunities that a download speed 10 times faster than that of 4G can offer us!


Inspiring Luxembourg

FutureBrand Country Index: Luxembourg's brand ranked 10th in the world

The FutureBrand Country Index assesses the impact of country brands

How is the Grand Duchy seen abroad? What challenges are in store for the Grand Duchy's future? The FutureBrand Country Index provides answers to these questions and gives an overview of Luxembourg's reputation around the globe. The Grand Duchy has been ranked 10th among 75 participating countries since 2014!



Going out in the summer: our good ideas!

From the second weekend of July, many activities are offered throughout the country so that you may take advantage of free time and good weather

School-leaving exams are over! The school holidays are beginning! The getaway looked forward to throughout the year is about to become a reality! Summer is the time to chill out, enjoy the good weather and discover music, arts, history and traditions.



The AIIB's annual meeting in Luxembourg

The political and financial leaders of Asia and Europe gather to discuss sustainable finance

Luxembourg is the first EU member state to host the general annual meeting of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). On 12th and 13th July 2019, international decision-makers will meet in the Grand Duchy to discuss green finances, the funding of sustainable infrastructure and cooperation between Europe and Asia.


  • Updated 13-08-2019