Luxembourg Internet Days – joining forces to fight cybercrime

On 12 and 13 November, more than 1,000 ICT professionals will be meeting at the Chamber of Commerce to discuss digital security.

05-lucixGiven the constantly increasing number of international cyberattacks, digital security is a major concern for the information and communication technologies. The challenge this constitutes will be the focus of the discussions at the Luxembourg Internet Days, to be held at the Chamber of Commerce on 12 and 13 November.

At this sixth edition of the Luxembourg Internet Days, the sector's experts will be looking at security in relation to networks and the Cloud, and digital transition, including e-commerce. The Days will include debates, presentations, the pooling of experience, round-table discussions, and workshops.

Each year the event, organised by LU-CIX, attracts a growing number of professional visitors from all over the world. This year, 50 national and international companies will be present at the Days, receiving more than 1,000 visitors from about 500 companies. 

Two intense days  

The Luxembourg Internet Days, structured around an opening address and discussions among the professionals, are spread over two days. Here's what's on the menu:

12 November: Security in the networks and the Cloud, including Edge Computing, artificial intelligence and the NIS Directive. The first day will be devoted to the issues involved and their technical solutions, mainly of interest to CISOs, CIOs and network and systems engineers of companies of all sizes, in every field.

13 November: Digital Transformation and presence on the net (trading and non-trading websites). The second day will be devoted to the various aspects, issues, solutions and trends linked to global digital transformation, as applied to companies of all kinds. One round-table discussion will concentrate on the ability of digital technology to boost city centres.

France in pride of place

This year, the organisers have chosen to feature France. France has been chosen as guest of honour for the country's unstinting commitment to fighting cybercrime. In this context, a number of open workshops led by experts in the IT sector will cover digital threats in depth and come up with specific solutions to the issues raised, to help participants find definite practical answers to their questions and problem situations.

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal www.luxembourg.lu)

  • Updated 08-11-2019