Have your tyres and lights checked for free

In October each year, the ACL invites drivers to have their car's tyres and lights checked, for free. And this year there's something new for drivers.

16-pneusAt the latest when the first snow starts to fall in the Grand Duchy, covering the roads with a white blanket, it's high time to change for winter tyres, unless you want to have to deal with serious problems.

Before that happens, the Automobile Club du Luxembourg (ACL) invites drivers to have their lights and tyres checked. This is a free service, part of the Sécurité Routière association's lighting and tyres campaign, operational from 14 October to 15 November 2019. And a new feature has been announced for this year: For the first time, the ACL's mechanics will also be testing the state of your car's battery.

Three checks in one

According to the ACL, battery-related breakdowns are very common, particularly in winter. Temperatures below 10°C have a negative impact on the functioning of your battery. That's why the ACL is offering to check batteries that are more than four years old.

As for the tyres, the ACL's mechanics check their material as well as their age, tread, and wear, which may be uneven. As a reminder - the law states that the minimum depth of tread is 1.6mm, although the ACL recommends a depth of 4mm for optimum roadholding.

When the lights are checked, they should all be working and they should be adjusted in such a way as to not dazzle oncoming drivers, while providing the driver with maximum visibility.

This is where the check centres are

To maximise the safety of drivers in the Grand Duchy, the ACL is setting up check centres throughout the country, offering free checks of tyres, lights and batteries. Drivers can go there from 10.30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal; source: Automobile Club - ACL)

  • Updated 21-10-2019