Protected areas: Luxembourg makes the commitment to preserve nature

With its new harmonised signposting, the Grand Duchy wants to draw people's attention to protected areas.

07-zones-protegeesLuxembourg's public administration makes every effort to preserve nature, its heritage of woodlands and biodiversity. According to the latest figures, agricultural and forestry lands cover 85% of the Grand Duchy's territory. 20,055 acres, i.e. 3% of the total surface is made up of protected areas that enjoy special legal protection.

Protected areas

Environmental policy uses the recognition and designation of protected areas as a crucial instrument to preserve the natural heritage and biotopes. These areas are generally home to plant and wild species of particular interest, whether they are endangered species or rare habitats.

Since 2018, the Grand Duchy's green areas benefit from special legal protection. Two different types of protected areas can be found in Luxembourg:

  • the Natura 2000 areas, usually covering a wider area, which only define objectives in connection with the protection of nature;
  • and protected areas of national interest, which often cover small areas, and consist of areas of national importance that are linked to stricter legal requirements.

Until now, the Luxembourg government has designated 60 protected areas of national interest covering an area of 20,055 acres (3% of the country's territory). The first protected area was designated in 1987. The national plan for the protection of nature provides for the designation of 75 additional protected areas.

Harmonised signposting

In the face of the Grand Duchy's growing population and the increase in tourists visiting the country and its beautiful nature, our national biotopes have been more and more under pressure. Consequently, it is essential for protected areas of national interest and Natura 2000 areas to be fully recognizable.

This is why the Ministry of Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development and the Nature and Forest Agency jointly designed new harmonised signposting for all protected areas. Soon, all the main access roads will be signposted and pictograms will inform passers-by about the rules of conduct in force in protected areas.

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  • Updated 08-10-2019