The Luxembourg Space Agency is in orbit

The Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA) is celebrating its first anniversary. The LSA's website has had a makeover to mark the occasion.

01-lsaThis year, the Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA) is celebrating its first anniversary. It has managed to avoid the usual teething problems and is now well and truly on track – there's a party feel in the air! And quite rightly so. The LSA has achieved excellent results. So far it has fully accomplished its primary mission of promoting the emergence of innovative economic activities in the Grand Duchy. The key projects in the past year include the launch of a new study programme entitled 'Interdisciplinary Space Master' at the University of Luxembourg.

In the future it will continue to position itself as a European platform for commercial space-related activities and propose a sustainable environment conducive to the development of the space industry. At any rate that is the forecast of the people in charge of the initiative. 

A new showcase for its anniversary

To mark its first year of existence – LSA was launched on 12 September 2018 – the agency has treated itself to a new visual identity online. The platform offers interviews with key players in Luxembourg's space sector, a detailed diary of major upcoming events, a presentation of the initiative, and the LSA Space Directory.

The new site also provides a list of the various space-related businesses, including those that have settled in the Grand Duchy since the initiative was launched in 2016 and the research bodies present in the Grand Duchy, together with information on their main activities, the type of products and services they offer, and their involvement in major space projects.

Regarding the involvement of players in public research, it should be noted that the University of Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) are currently carrying out a total of nearly 80 space-related research projects.

Investors welcome

The agency's new website provides detailed information for anyone interested in the Grand Duchy's rapidly developing space sector. For potential investors, entrepreneurs, students and researchers, the site is a showcase for the Grand Duchy's flourishing space industry.

The Grand Duchy is currently home to about 50 businesses and research laboratories active in the space sector, corresponding to more than 800 jobs.

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  • Updated 04-10-2019