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FutureBrand Country Index: Luxembourg's brand ranked 10th in the world

The FutureBrand Country Index assesses the impact of country brands

FutureBrand Country IndexLuxembourg seen from abroad

How is the Grand Duchy seen abroad? What challenges are in store for the Grand Duchy's future? The FutureBrand Country Index provides answers to these questions and gives an overview of Luxembourg's reputation around the globe. The Grand Duchy has been ranked 10th among 75 participating countries since 2014!

Finance, technology, security and modernity

As the European hub of financial services, Luxembourg is known internationally for its ease of doing business, its well-developed infrastructure and its cutting-edge technology. It therefore does not come as a surprise that "technology" is one of the most popular answers to the question "In which area is Luxembourg an expert?".

Financial services are at the top of the list, followed by foodstuff and luxury products.

The high quality of life, social peace and political stability are the main non-economic factors associated with the Grand Duchy. Its status of European Union capital as well as its multicultural society strengthen and support its high standing in the index even further.

Let's make it happen

Luxembourg still needs to work on the recognition of its domestic products.

Products that are authentic, unique and thus "Made in" Luxembourg feature among the less widespread associations made with Luxembourg throughout the world.

After realising that it needed to establish a trademark, Luxembourg adopted three values which citizens and stakeholders adhere to: dynamism, openness and reliability. With these three core values, Luxembourg wants to showcase its distinctive profile and promote its iconic products further, such as its steel beams or its typical white wines.

Redefined values

In 2019, the "FutureBrand Country Index" redefined the values behind its ranking and now includes factors such as technological advancement and gender equality. The Index is based on six different dimensions: Quality of Life, Values System, Business Potential, Heritage & Culture, Tourism and Products & Services. The significance of social media is highlighted by the inclusion of online conversations to identify the most popular dimensions in each country.

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal)

  • Updated 23-07-2019