The AIIB's annual meeting in Luxembourg

The political and financial leaders of Asia and Europe gather to discuss sustainable finance

10-aiibLuxembourg is the first EU member state to host the general annual meeting of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). On 12th and 13th July 2019, international decision-makers will meet in the Grand Duchy to discuss green finances, the funding of sustainable infrastructure and cooperation between Europe and Asia.

Thematic priorities: cooperation and connectivity

The 2019 annual meeting will focus on Cooperation and Connectivity. It will be the perfect opportunity to discuss the social and economic advantages that can be achieved by strengthening multilateral cooperation between the various countries and regions of Europe and Asia.

As part of the two-day event, the AIIB's directors and managers, delegations of the bank's member states, potential members as well as other partners, institutions, economic leaders, civil society and experts in various fields and disciplines will meet in Luxembourg to take stock on potential opportunities for strengthened cooperation among stakeholders.

Luxembourg: a European hub for Asian institutions

For years now, Luxembourg has been committed to strengthening its position as bridgehead in the European Union for Asian financial institutions. Today, the Grand Duchy is the European hub of seven major Chinese banks and a world leader in terms of international funds investing in China.

Strong arguments in favour of the Grand Duchy are especially its exceptional political stability, a modern regulatory framework and expertise in the fields of finance and green finance.

About the AIIB

The AIIB was founded in 2015 and has been operational since January 2016. It is a multilateral bank whose aim is to favour social and economic development in Asia. Today, the AIIB is made up of 87 members from all over the world.

Luxembourg is one of the AIIB's founding member states and it was the first European country to back the initiative. In 2016, the Grand Duchy was the first non-Asian country to apply for the hosting of the bank's annual meeting.

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  • Updated 12-07-2019