Artificial intelligence - a national priority

The Grand Duchy is moving into artificial intelligence, to become one of the most developed digital societies

Stratégie nationale en matière de l'intelligence artificielleAt the end of May, the Government presented Luxembourg's vision of artificial intelligence (AI) with a view to driving the country's digital transformation forward. The strategy reveals how the Grand Duchy could reap the benefits of this influential technology while at the same time ensuring protection for fundamental principles regarding ethics and confidentiality. How does the Grand Duchy plan to make a place for itself in this high-tech environment?

Three major ambitions

The Grand Duchy is keen to demonstrate once again its reputation for adopting new technologies at an early stage is totally justified. The development of a reliable environment dedicated to AI-related services and activities is backed up by resources and infrastructures that are already available.

With the aim of adopting a leading position in the digital world, three ambitions have been defined:

  • Being one of the most advanced digital societies in Europe, if not the world;
  • Focusing on a sustainable economy based on data;
  • Promoting the development of AI by applying a human-centred approach.

To be able to adapt to the rapid changes in the sector, the Government is considering its strategy above all as a "political vision" that can be readjusted at any time.

An approach focused on the human aspect

On its path towards AI, the Grand Duchy wants to create a fair system that reflects the needs and desires of the society as a whole. With an approach focused on the human aspect that pays particular attention to transparency and reliability, the Government is making sure that technology is working in our interests and improving our everyday lives.

To be able to make a success of integrating AI, strategic cooperation and continuous investment are essential. It is already evident that the Grand Duchy is a real "living laboratory for AI", with 200 million euros invested over the past five years in the fields of health, mobility and regulation.

In the same spirit, the Government initiative entitled Digital Luxembourg, instituted in 2014, is aimed at attracting even more stakeholders in economic sectors that focus on data, such as industry 4.0, space innovation, and financial services. Regarding this initiative, the creation of a joint research laboratory on AI in cooperation with the American company NVIDIA, a leader in the field of AI, is a particularly significant success. Now that the foundations for AI have been established, we can expect a promising digital future.

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal www.luxembourg.lu)

  • Updated 10-07-2019