Luxembourg City - the second-best city in the world to ride a bike

There are many initiatives for discovering the Grand Duchy on a bike and contributing to sustainable mobility

01072019_velo-1The Grand Duchy is committed to looking after the environment and promoting gentle mobility. Political support, long cycle paths and a large number of bike hire companies are some of the keys to the Grand Duchy's success. The result is a capital city that is considered one of the best for cycling, with a number of hotels encouraging cycle tourism.

Political determination - a major factor in bike use in the Grand Duchy

To draw up the list of the world's 100 best cities for riding a bicycle, ScanMovers looked at the vital bike-ride indicators. So this Dutch platform assessed the number and quality of cycle lanes, the existence of bike shops, the share of cycling mode in the total volume of traffic in the cities, schemes for self-service bike hire, government support, and the mortality rate of cyclists, among other factors.

According to the study, the Grand Duchy achieves a remarkable second place, thanks mainly to the strong political determination in Luxembourg City to achieve a constant improvement in bike-related services. The Grand Duchy also has the longest cycle tracks per square kilometre and the highest number of bike hire companies per 100 km. What's more, the mortality rate for cyclists is very low.

Visit the Grand Duchy's UNESCO heritage by bike.

Luxembourg City ranks close behind Amsterdam and could well take first place among the world's hundred best cities for cycling next year.

The city authorities' initiative to team up with UNESCO to organise a UNESCO Bike Tour in the old parts of the city and its fortifications was particularly hailed by the authors of the study. The 9.5 km route was inaugurated in April 2019, making it possible to discover the Grand Duchy's world-class heritage by bike. It passes through the Pétrusse valley and the city's lower districts of Clausen and Pfaffenthal as it threads its way past 80 sites and monuments that often go unsuspected.

It's a pleasant ride, and is possible effortlessly using an electrically-assisted bike provided by the vel’OH scheme. Download the map and extra information available in five languages, and set out on your easy trip to discover Luxembourg's heritage.

Bed+Bike - active, sustainable tourism

The Grand Duchy has developed a number of other initiatives to promote the use of bikes and contribute to eco-mobility. 2011 saw the introduction of the 'Bed+Bike' label, intended to encourage hotels' efforts to attract cycle tourists. The label requires hotels to provide guests with safe storage for their bikes and tools for carrying out minor repairs, as well as tourist information specifically geared to cycle tourism. Providing a balanced breakfast is another must! There are currently 92 hotels in the Grand Duchy with the 'Bed+Bike' label.

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  • Updated 05-07-2019