The Luxembourg passport - a gateway to the world

The Grand Duchy has the best passport for aspiring global citizens

25_nomad-passportThe Nomad Passport Index, devised to meet the needs of aspiring global citizens in an environment where mobility is increasingly important, looks at the passports of 199 countries. In its report for 2019, the Index ranks Luxembourg in first place for the second year running.

The Nomad Passport Index: visas, dual nationality, and personal freedoms

The Index ranks 199 nationalities according to five criteria: the number of countries to which a passport holder can travel without a visa, international tax legislation, global perception, dual nationality, and personal freedoms.

With a score of 114 points, Luxembourg reinforces its position at the top of the list, having climbed up from tenth place in just two years. Among the criteria analysed, the Index emphasises that the world generally perceives the Luxembourg passport extremely well, and that the country allows its citizens a great deal of freedom. The Index also notes the changes made to legislation on nationality in 2017. It is now possible for any adult legally resident in the country for at least the past five years to acquire Luxembourgish nationality by naturalisation .

In the Index, the Luxembourg passport is followed in the Top 10 by the passports of Switzerland and Sweden (in joint second place), Ireland and Belgium (in joint fourth place), Italy, Portugal and Finland (in joint sixth place), and Spain and France (in joint ninth place).

Around the world without a visa

Other indexes look more specifically at the advantages certain passports offer for travelling without a visa. The Henley Passport Index is a ranking based on data provided by the International Air Transport Association that looks at 199 passports and 227 travel destinations. In 2019, it ranked Luxembourg fourth, with 186 destinations for which no visa is required. The list is headed by Japan, Singapore and South Korea, with 189 destinations.

How its residents travel as tourists

According to a survey of how Luxembourg's residents travel carried out by the Grand Duchy's national institute for statistics and economic studies (STATEC), many of them leave the country each year for their holidays (83%). They like to travel often (four times a year), and allow themselves a generous budget that enables them to travel abroad.  Most of the time, Luxembourgers spend their holidays in Europe. Travel to Africa, America, Asia and Oceania is less frequent (about 13%).


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  • Updated 06-05-2019