The population of the Grand Duchy continues to grow

On 1 January 2019, there were 613 894 inhabitants, which is nearly 12 000 more than a year earlier.

10-populationThanks to positive net migration (number of arrivals less number of departures) and natural balance (number of births less number of deaths) during 2018, the population of the Grand Duchy increased by 11,889, reaching the figure of 613,894 inhabitants on 1 January 2019. In its most recent analysis of the resident population, the National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques - STATEC) notes that 47% of the Grand Duchy's inhabitants are not Luxembourg nationals, and that this level shows a slight drop.

The Grand Duchy - a place of immigration

For 2018, STATEC has observed strong positive net migration (an increase of 10,659), representing 24,644 new arrivals and just 13,985 departures. Since 2014, the French have headed the list of new residents, with positive net migration of 1,806 in 2018. 2nd place is occupied by Italy, with a figure of 1,110, followed in 3rd place by Portugal with a net figure of 1,009. The number of Italian arrivals has increased rapidly since 2010, rising from 3.9% of total net migration in 2010 to 10.4% in 2018. In comparison, the net migration of Luxembourgers is actually slightly negative.

Non-Luxembourgers younger than Luxembourgers

The average age of women in the Grand Duchy is 40.2; the average age of men is 38.7. On the whole, the foreign population is significantly younger than the population with Luxembourg nationality:

  • The average age of Luxembourgish women is 42.7, compared with 37.3 for non-Luxembourgish women.
  • The average age of Luxembourgish men is 40.1, compared with 37.3 for non-Luxembourgish men.

For the 30 to 49 years age group, the foreign population is overrepresented compared with the Luxembourgish population. It's over the age of 50 that the proportion of foreigners declines and is overtaken by the proportion of Luxembourgers.

A positive natural balance

The number of births in the Grand Duchy has continued to increase, rising from 6,174 in 2017 to 6,274 in 2018. This positive evolution is solely due to births to foreign parents, which increased by 6.3% compared with 2017, while the number of births to Luxembourg nationals even fell slightly (-2.5%). There was also an increase in the number of deaths (4,318 in 2018). As a result, STATEC has recorded a positive natural balance of 1 956 people for 2018.

(Article produced by the editorial team of the portal at www.luxembourg.lu / Source: STATEC)

  • Updated 15-04-2019