Europe 5G Readiness Report - Grand Duchy ranks 9th

InCites Consulting has drawn up a report on 5G communication technology in the European countries

07-connectivity InCites Consulting has just published its ranking of countries' readiness to deploy and adopt 5G technology. The Grand Duchy ranks 9th of the 38 countries analysed, up among the leaders that are truly ready for the new technology. The Government's efforts to launch pilot projects for implementing 5G technology have not gone unnoticed: the report has particular praise for the country's efforts in the field of regulation and the importance of ICTs to the Government's vision.

Attested effective measures

The report confirms that the Grand Duchy is on the right track for becoming a hub for the development of 5G technology in Europe. The Government made this one of its priorities, as shown by the announcement of a substantial number of pilot projects.

As a result, the Grand Duchy ranks 1st in the 'Country Profile' category, mainly due to its excellent position in the sub-category on the importance of ICTs to the Government's vision. This is based on a number of initiatives in this field, which are not restricted to 5G technology, such as self-driving vehicles, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and high-performance computing (HPC).

Other strong point noted in the report: regulation and policy, with the Grand Duchy up among the leaders for 6 of the 7 sub-categories. According to the report, the Grand Duchy, which ranks 1st for the effectiveness of its law-making bodies and laws relating to ICTs, is more than capable of adapting its regulations to enable 5G technology to be able to thrive.

Building for the future starts now

Preparations are being made across Europe for the arrival of the 5th generation of mobile networks, which will once again increase capacity for exchanging mobile data. The Grand Duchy is no exception; in 2018 it launched a series of measures to pave the way for 5G technology.

It was in this context that Xavier Bettel, as Prime Minister and Minister of Communications and Media, presented a strategy for 5G in the Grand Duchy in 2018, which includes a number of pilot projects that are scheduled or are currently being implemented:

  • A cross-border site on self-driving connected vehicles - 5GCroCo;
  • An area of the Plateau du Kirchberg with cultural and leisure infrastructures;
  • The Belval site with the University;
  • The CFL Multimodal centre in Dudelange;
  • The Automotive Campus in Bissen;
  • One section of a major traffic route.

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal www.luxembourg.lu)

  • Updated 12-03-2019