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Grand Duchy ranks 12th in Legatum Prosperity Index

The index measures the prosperity of countries on different scales

Legatum Prosperity IndexThe Legatum Institute in London has just ranked the Grand Duchy 12th in the world in its Prosperity Index. The Index measures the degree of prosperity of the countries, i.e. to what extent the countries implement policies in order to create opportunities for prosperity and combat poverty. The Grand Duchy also manages to reach the top end of the ranking in several categories, including health, economic quality, and personal freedoms.

Excellent for health, economic quality and personal freedom

The Grand Duchy has moved up one place since 2017 and now ranks 12th, behind the Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands and Ireland. It has managed to do better than its immediate neighbours - Germany ranks 14th, Belgium 16th, and France 20th.

The Grand Duchy achieved an excellent score in the health pillar, ranking 2nd, behind Singapore, thanks to its exemplary public health, a top-quality health system, and effective preventive measures.

Economic quality is another pillar in which the Grand Duchy achieves outstanding results. It ranks 3rd, behind Iceland and Singapore. This pillar of the Index namely analyses macro-economic indicators, growth, etc. The country also does well in the areas of 'personal freedom' (4th place) and 'the natural environment' (5th place). It is worth noting that in all these pillars, with the exception of the natural environment, the Grand Duchy is the best performer of all the EU member States.

The pillars where the Grand Duchy does least well are the business environment (37th place) and education (37th place).

Since 2007, the Legatum Institute - a London think tank - has been assessing the level of prosperity of countries across the world on a yearly basis, based on nine criteria: economic quality, business environment, governance, education, health, safety and security, personal freedom, social capital, and the environment. The 2018 edition analyses 148 countries plus Hong Kong.

(article written by the editorial team of the portal luxembourg.lu)

  • Updated 07-02-2019