Internet in the Grand Duchy - confirmation of quality

Six months after the launch of its checkmynet.lu app, the Luxembourg Regulatory Institute (Institut luxembourgeois de régulation, ILR) has now published promising statistics on the quality of Internet access.

14-checkmynetThe checkmynet.lu app launched in April 2018 makes it possible to measure, free of charge, the quality of Internet access. The initial aim is to enable users to check whether their operator actually delivers the promised connection speed. Six months and 69,500 measurements on, the Luxembourg Regulatory Institute (ILR), which edits the app, has drawn up a mostly positive report.

Positive progress

Since the app was launched, the ILR has noticed positive progress in speeds for both uploading and downloading.

With an average speed of over 100 Mbit/s for downloading and an average uploading speed for non-mobile access (LAN) in the region of 70 Mbit/s, the ILR certifies that the Internet access routes in the Grand Duchy used for checkmynet.lu tests are of very good quality.

On mobile networks, the average speed for downloading was just over 40 Mbit/s, with more than 90% of the measurements using the 4G network. While the downloading speeds on mobile networks often do not achieve the speeds advertised by their operators (up to 225 Mbit/s), it can nevertheless be said that most of the Grand Duchy is covered by 4G. Even so, occasional 4G+ measurements showed that the threshold of 200 Mbit/s on a mobile network is already a possibility in the Grand Duchy.

The results of all the measurements can also be viewed on a map - the quality of the measurements carried out is colour-coded. It is even possible to filter the results by the technology used, the type of measurement (fixed or mobile), and by uploading and downloading.

About checkmynet.lu

The app enables users to measure the actual performance of their plan and to compare the results with the performances shown in their Internet contract. If there is a significant difference between the two values, the consumer can complain to the provider. If there is no response, or the response is unsatisfactory, the consumer can use the measurement information provided by the checkmynet.lu app and apply to the ILR's mediation servicewhich is free of charge.

(article written by the editorial team of the portal luxembourg.lu)

  • Updated 17-01-2019