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e-Skills: Luxembourgers lead the global ranking

The report 'Measuring the Information Society' analyses global digital markets

07-connectivityTo believe the latest edition of the report "Measuring the Information Society" of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), Luxembourgers are the best in the world in terms of digital skills. Indeed, Luxembourgers are considered the most qualified in the world in terms of basic digital skills (over 90%). This very positive result rewards the efforts made for many years now by politicians, investors and developers in order to make Luxembourg the world nerve centre for ITC-related activities as well as a centre of excellence for cyber security and data protection. 

Very competent residents

In terms of intermediate skills, the country ranks 4th, while in advanced skills, it reaches a more than respectable 5th rank. In other words, the resident population is one of the best adapted to and trained in the use of digital technology.

Another point to highlight, 55% of Luxembourgers using the Internet have skills that exceed the basic level in the 4 categories defined by Eurostat: information, communication, content creation and problem-solving. Thus, the country ranks first among the EU member states and must yield only to Icelanders (58%) compared to all European countries.

Digitalisation moves on

The digitisation efforts of recent years are therefore bearing fruit. Luxembourg is attractive not only through its excellent connectivity right into individual households, but also thanks to major digital projects, such as the preparation for 5G technology, the establishment of first-rate data centres (Tier IV) and programmes to support young talents.

As a result, Luxembourg excels in all of the digital benchmarks:

The annual report 'Measuring the Information Society' is generally viewed as the most reliable and impartial collection of data and analyses on the development of ICT worldwide. Governments, international organisations, development banks and private sector investors around the world refer to it extensively.

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  • Updated 07-01-2019