Do you speak English? Luxembourg ranked 7th in the English Proficiency Index

Luxembourg is one of the top 10 countries with the best English proficiency in the world.

EPIThe Grand Duchy's inhabitants are highly proficient in the English language as a foreign language and the country has been ranked 7th in the world. This good command of English is probably linked to multilingualism , a feature that is deeply ingrained in Luxembourg's society.

English in Luxembourg

This dominant position does not come as a surprise given the significance of languages in Luxembourg. The Grand Duchy's society and school system is multilingual, with 3 official national languages and the common practice of other languages such as English, Portuguese or Italian. As a compulsory language taught in secondary school, English is increasingly gaining importance as a business and finance language. It is also a lingua franca for the international community working for the European institutions, as well as for employees in the banking and industrial sector. In fact, over 28% of employees speak English at the workplace. English is also well integrated in Higher Education and academia so much so that it's a required language for the curriculum.

The EPI ranking

The English Proficiency Index (EPI) established by the international educational organisation known as EF is one of the largest worldwide studies comparing the English language skills of various countries in which English is not the official national language. This year, the ranking compares 88 countries, meaning that it's the largest ranking ever compiled. Luxembourg was ranked 7th for the third year in a row, among these 88 countries. As for the ranking comparing only 32 European countries, the Grand Duchy even reached the 5th place. The index is based on standard test data from over 1.3 million of adult participants.

  • Updated 09-11-2018