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Guide Hachette - four favourites in the Grand Duchy

40 Luxembourg wines are included in the 2019 edition of the Hachette wine guide. Four favourites and a shower of stars for Luxembourg's still and sparkling wines.

06-hachetteIn all, 31 still and 9 sparkling wines from the Grand Duchy were selected for the 2019 edition of the longest-standing wine guide. Among the Luxembourg wines listed, four were awarded the 'favourite' accolade, three '3 stars', six '2 stars', and ten '1 star'. The 'favourite wine' accolade is awarded to a cellar if its wine proves particularly popular with the jury during the second round of the selection process. The labels of the favourites are reproduced in the guide free of charge.

Recognition for 19 wine estates in the Grand Duchy

If these 40 still and sparkling wines from 19 estates and cellars met the rather selective criteria of the tasters, it's quite simply because Luxembourg wines are of an international standard, according to the experts, including Roby Ley, Director of the Wine Institute (Institut viti-vinicole), who added that these wines were totally in keeping with the specific characteristics of Luxembourg wines.

The happy winners include the young wine producer Marc Berna. The estate, which he manages with his father Raymond, scooped up the honours in this latest edition of the wine guide. The pair achieved a 'favourite' accolade for their 2017 Ahn Palmberg Riesling, one star for their 2017 Vogelsang Pinot Gris, and three stars for their Vogelsang 'Vieilles Vignes' Pinot Gris.

All the experts around one table

The Hachette Wine Guide is a benchmark in the wine world; each year it presents its readers with a range of still and sparkling wines hailed by a number of wine experts. For the 2019 edition, 40,000 wines were tasted; 10,000 were selected, and 550 were awarded the 'favourite' accolade.

In the Grand Duchy, the tasting was held last April. 129 still and sparkling wines were judged and tasted by local specialists and regional tasters. These are winegrowers, wine specialists, restaurant owners, wine journalists and wine-lovers - a wide range of tasters who are well acquainted with the vines and wines of the Grand Duchy.

Since tasting is an art in itself, it is important that the panel members' sensitivity to taste isn't distracted by the bouquets of the other wines. That's why separate tables are arranged for Riesling, Pinot Gris, and sparkling wines. "You have to be able to concentrate on one product," explains Roby Ley, who was among the tasters during the selection process.

(article written by the editorial team of the portal  www.luxembourg.lu)

  • Updated 08-11-2018