FNR Awards 2018: a very wide-ranging list of award winners

The National Research Fund has awarded prizes to remarkable projects.

FNR AwardsThe “FNR Awards” reward projects of excellence in the fields of scientific research, innovation and the communication of scientific topics to the general public. The 10th edition of the FNR Awards Ceremony that was hosted in the "Halle des poches à fonte" in Esch Belval, has awarded six prizes of 5,000 euros each.


And the winners are...

For the first time, all the winners were Luxembourgish or teams under Luxembourgish leadership. The awards were awarded within four categories:

  • "Outstanding Scientific Publication" was awarded to: 
Ben Thuy from the National Museum of Natural History (Musée national d'histoire naturelle — "naturmusée") for his publication entitled "Paleozoic echinoderm hangovers: waking up in the Triassic” that calls into question the existing paradigm on the extinction of groups of species before the Triassic period (around 252 millions of years ago).  
  • "Outstanding PhD Thesis" was awarded to:
Eric Finn Schaanning from Imperial College London for his thesis “Fire sales and systemic risk in financial networks” in which he presents a new mathematical model to simulate the possible scenarios of knock-on effects in the event of financial crises in the banking sector, a model capable of optimising the stress test regularly performed by the European Banking Authority (EBA).
  • The prize for "Outstanding Research-Driven Innovation" was awarded to:
a team from the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) that developed over 7 years a tool for the analysis of nano-particles with high resolution and high sensitivity, the “VECTOR500 SIMS".
to Pascale Engel de Abreu from the University of Luxemburg for the project “LALA – Lauter lëschteg Lauter”, a playful educational programme supporting the literary and linguistic development of children in Luxembourg.
  • The prize "Outstanding Promotion of Science to the Public" was also awarded to two winners:
to Thierry Lutgen and Jutta Meyer of the not-for-profit association Elisabeth - Anne for the programme “Indiana Jos”, which promotes science to children in "maisons-relais" (after-school care facilities) through interactive activities and workshops.
    to the whole team of the Luxembourg Science Center for their concept of demonstrations and presentation of scientific concepts to the general public in an understandable and playful way.

    The National Research Fund ("FNR")

    The National Research Fund is the main funding body of scientific research in Luxembourg. It supports and coordinates in particular activities that bring science and society closer together, the role of which is to inform the general public. The FNR also acts as advisor to the government for any matters relating to research within the Grand Duchy. 


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    • Updated 29-10-2018