City Shuttle - a self-driving electrically-powered shuttle service for Luxembourg City

The first driverless bus runs between the Pfaffenthal lift and the cable car, free of charge.

21-cityshuffle_1Thursday 20 September 2018 saw the inauguration, as part of the European Mobility Week, of the new City Shuttle, a driverless shuttle bus in the Pfaffenthal district, running between the lift, the cable-car and the Val des Bons Malades cemetery. With speeds of up to 45 kmh, this means of transport is ideal for the first or last kilometre of a journey, for an easy, comfortable arrival at your destination

Free transport

Initially, the shuttle will be operational for six months, making driverless vehicles a reality on the streets of Luxembourg City. It can carry 15 people and is free for everyone; it will run every 15 minutes from Monday to Friday, between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m.

After this initial phase, the City of Luxembourg will assess the pilot project and decide on future use to be made of the shuttle in the city. Because it is small, it could also be used to serve places that are less easy of access for other means of transport, such as certain residential and commercial areas.

New technologies working in favour of new urban mobility

The City Shuttle is a high-tech shuttle bus that is totally autonomous and electrically-powered - it emits no greenhouse gases, hydrocarbons or exhaust fumes. Apart from these ecological advantages, the shuttle bus is also more comfortable for its users, since it is quieter. It is able to travel on the road with no outside intervention, although initially a qualified person will travel in the vehicle to ensure its safety and intervene if necessary.

With this new transport service, the City of Luxembourg is taking up the challenges that are arising in urban mobility, and public transport in particular. The City Shuttle is a bold, innovative mobility solution that makes use of the new technologies in order to improve the quality of life of both residents and visitors of the capital city.

(Source: press release from the City of Luxembourg)

  • Updated 26-09-2018