5G: Luxembourg steps up a gear

The Government presents the Grand Duchy's 5G strategy

Présentation de la stratégie 5gLuxembourg is already preparing for the next generation of mobile connectivity: In about 2020, 5G technology could revolutionise mobile communication as we know it today, with speeds 100 times faster than the present 4G. It is in this context that the Government presented a national strategy for introducing 5G in the Grand Duchy. It's important not to get left behind, particularly for a country that claims to have one of the best levels of connectivity in the world and has embraced the Third Industrial Revolution in which the new digital technologies play an important part.

Nothing short of a vital element in the national infrastructure

People in Luxembourg like their mobile devices: According to a study carried out by Deloitte in 2017, the Grand Duchy leads the world in terms of the adoption of the smartphone, now owned by 91% of the population. In comparison: the average figure in developed countries is below 80%. But the development of mobile connectivity involves more than just the ubiquitous smartphone: It also includes connected objects and automated networks. The volume of data circulating in mobile communications is also increasing.

It really is important for the Grand Duchy: If Luxembourg wants to offer the best quality of mobile network throughout the country, its infrastructures need to be prepared to cope with a substantial increase in traffic. This is because fifth-generation (5G) mobile networks will be vital in allowing the next wave of productivity and innovation in the various sectors of the Luxembourg economy and to open up new possibilities in many areas of everyday life.

Immediate advantages for all concerned

The project will be to your advantage, whether you are a cross-border worker or a resident. Improvements in the fields of teleworking, distance medicine, banking flows, energy and security could be the immediate effects – in fact, the same areas covered by the European supercalculator currently being set up in the Grand Duchy. Luxembourg's national strategy is indeed in line with the European Commission's 5G Action Plan and the European road map for the introduction of 5G, which aims at 2020 as the year for the initial deployments of 5G technology.

Five sites have already been selected in the Grand Duchy for launching pilot projects starting in 2020:

  • the Kirchberg Plateau, a real economic and cultural centre on the edge of the City of Luxembourg;
  • the site at Esch-Belval , home of the University of Luxembourg;
  • the CFL Multimodal Centre in Dudelange - a logistics hub;
  • the Automotive Campus in Bissen, devoted to technological research;
  • one of the main traffic routes.

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal www.luxembourg.lu / Source: press release from the Communications and Media Service)

  • Updated 24-09-2018