Education and training free school textbooks for all high school pupils

This back-to-school season, secondary school pupils and vocational training students will get free textbooks.

31-mybooksThe digitalisation of secondary education

With the app, every secondary school pupil and vocational training student in Luxembourg, can download the list of school textbooks for free and collect the books at partner bookshops. Access to the app is customized; it will start working from 23rd July 2018. The deadline for collection is 30th November 2018.

However, students of preparatory, reception, European and international classes, will receive their textbooks directly from their school.

In order to promote the sustainable use of textbooks, students who use second-hand books that belonged to a relative or bought at the traditional Bichermaart, can take advantage of a voucher for stationery worth 50% of the value of new textbooks not taken from a bookshop.

Promoting 'free schooling'

The initiative was launched by the Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth so as to further promote 'free schooling' in Luxembourg. The proposed approach makes buying school textbooks for secondary education easy. It is a collaborative action between the Ministry, national commissions of programmes, high school management, teachers and bookshops.

The aim is to give families financial support - between EUR 450 and EUR 600 are invested per school year and per child depending on classes - and to take the fact that basic education is free one step further, in other words into secondary education.

Public transport is also free

Since 2017, young people under the age of 20 - whether they are students and not -, can use public transport free of charge. All they need to do is show an ID card proving they are younger than 20 years old. As for those aged 20-25, they still need a 'myCard élève' (i.e. myCard for students) or a 'myCard jeunes' (i.e. myCard for young people) to travel for free on buses, trams and trains.

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  • Updated 13-08-2018