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'Révolte' at Avignon

The play directed by Sophie Langevin will take Luxembourg’s coveted place at the Avignon Festival OFF in 2019.

05-avignonAt the end of June, the jury instructed by the Luxembourg Federation of Performing Arts, also known as Theater Federatioun, met with the intention of selecting the Luxembourg production that will be supported to participate in the OFF Festival in Avignon in 2019. Their choice fell on the play 'Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again' by Alice Birch, directed by Sophie Langevin, a production of the Théâtre du Centaure in co-production with the CCRD Opderschmelz.

What is it about?

The play, written in 2015, originates in Alice Birch’s anger against everyday sexism, the commercial commoditisation of the image of women, the porn industry and rape. Alice Birch tackles all those distorted images that men project on women, and what they expect in return. On stage, this translates into ferocious verbal jousting. The play is funny, trashy and musical. And there is this underlying question that remains throughout the play: How do you invent a new world on the remains of such an old oppression? To which Alice answers: Revolt!

The choice of the jury

The jury appreciated the radical, undisciplined and deliberately contemporary writing, but also the talent of the director, Sophie Langevin, who succeeded in using excellent acting, to convert the language of the British author into a powerful, scathing and hilariously funny performance, absolutely in step with its time.

'Love and Money' at the 2018 OFF Festival

This summer, it will be the play 'Love & Money' by the Englishman Dennis Kelly, directed by Myriam Muller at the Théâtre du Centaure, which will represent Luxembourg theatre at the OFF Festival (from 6 to 29 July). 'Love & Money' examines the neoliberal world through the descent into hell of a young indebted couple. The play raises fundamental questions about the functioning of our Western and contemporary societies, such as, for example, our relationship with money.

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal - Source: Theater Federatioun)

  • Updated 22-10-2018